May 11, 2011 by murmur

It has been a tough road for my documentary on Redheads since I began this project almost two years ago. There has been disappointment and more drama than I could have ever imagined, yet I press on. The amazing love and support for my film has been overwhelming and I am reminded of this each and every day by the heartfelt emails, messages and phone calls of support from Redheads from around the globe. I am reminded that, without real drama, there would be no backbone to my story... guess everything happens for a reason. So despite various setbacks, the USOC is back stronger than ever!

The last leg of my journey is fast approaching as I will be bringing the USOC to Atlantic City June 17th - 19th and feature a special Redhead BBQ (If you're not already on the guest list, please email me at murmurfilms@hotmail.com). I will gather more fan stories and footage and plan a stop at Sammy's Beach Bar as well! Once I leave A.C. I plan to head to St. Louis for a second round of Redhead interviews and footage before I return home to Vancouver, B.C. and begin post production.

Thanks again to all of the amazing Redheads that have either assisted with or participated in my documentary. Your support of my dream means more to me that words simply cannot express.

If you haven't seen the first trailer for the USOC, simply search "United States of Cabo" at YouTube. Join the USOC on Facebook and stop by www.murmurfilms.ca for more!


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A Statement from Murmur Films...

For those of you that know all of the drama and disappointment I have faced for the past two years, especially this past week or so surrounding my documentary “United States of Cabo” and Sammy Hagar’s management, will know the name John Carter. For John was Sammy Hagar’s longtime manager, my main contact with Sammy’s camp and the main thorn in the side of the USOC. I understand the business of rock and roll management representing the underbelly to all the glamour and excitement that we as fans see on stage night after night, something that John was at the forefront of for Sammy Hagar. John Carter passed away from cancer this past May 10th, 2011...

I would like to send sincere condolences to John’s family during this difficult time.

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Wonder if this had anything to do with your situation Murray?!

FMQB offers condolences to the family and friends of veteran artist manager, producer and A&R executive John Carter who lost his battle with cancer on May 10. Carter served as the longtime manager for Sammy Hagar and also co-managed Hagar's latest project, Chickenfoot."

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love your spirit Murray....after the many downs you have recently, you turn it around and make it a positive....
lOVE Murray...and I totally love USOC!

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That's the redhead spirit murray!!!! you press on, with all our love and support.

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Thank for your quest to tell the world about Redheads. My best friends are all Redheads. Best people in the world!!

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Thanks for keeping it real Murray!

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