September 05, 2012 by murmur

Fellow REDHEAD friends... In loving memory of our dear friend SHERRY CHENOWETH, I will be producing a memorial video that will feature Sherry's USOC interview and a special photo montage. If you have pictures of Sherry, please email them to me at and I will include them in the video. Please do so ASAP as I would like to have the video produced and on YouTube in time for CABO this OCTOBER. Please share this link as much as possible. Thank you.

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cindybearGVMERED's picture

What a beautiful Tribute to your friend. I loved every minute of it. Rest in Peace Sherry.

murmur's picture

I loved Sherry very much... our Redhead family lost a good soul.

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The emails have been overwhelming, but PLEASE keep them coming! The video will be ready for Cabo and I'd like to see if the cantina will allow us to play it for all Redheads to view together either pre-show or on a day when there is no live show booked. How cool would that be?

GNR's picture

Thank you Murray!! THIS ROCKS!!

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You Redheads are AWESOME!!!!!