May 09, 2011 by murmur

Follow the story of how Carter and company gave the green light to independent filmmaker Murray Wasylnuk to capture the Red Rocker and what it means to be a true Redhead... only to have your film completely railroaded by the powers that be and see what the "camp" really thinks of the Redheads that help pay their salaries... open you wallets and be ready to "GO THERE ONCE" cause they will "SCREW YOU TWICE"... cause they did it to me to the tune of $11,000 USD! Coming soon to a theater near you!

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We always appreciate hearing from all Redheads and as you all know
from looking at the last 4 decades, Sammy loves his fans dearly and is always quick to thank and support all Redheads however he can.
Although he does love the idea of a fan-created documentary, in this
particular project the access that Sammy granted as a courtesy was not handled in a professional manner and therefore will not be extended in the future. While we appreciate your desire to support the filmmaker, we know you'll understand we don't wish to go into details and respectfully ask that you refrain from further discussions on this topic on the site. Comments on this post have been disabled, but if anyone has thoughts they would like to share, you may send them to info@redrocker.com