September 05, 2012 by murmur

Fellow REDHEAD friends... In loving memory of our dear friend SHERRY CHENOWETH, I will be producing a memorial video that will feature Sherry's USOC interview and a special photo montage. If you have pictures of Sherry, please email them to me at and I will include them in the video. Please do so ASAP as I would like to have the video produced and on YouTube in time for CABO this OCTOBER. Please share this link as much as possible. Thank you.

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A Statement from Murmur Films and the United States of Cabo documentary project...

May 12, 2011 by murmur

For those of you that know all of the drama and disappointment I have faced for the past two years, especially this past week or so surrounding my documentary “United States of Cabo” and Sammy Hagar’s management, will know the name John Carter. For John was Sammy Hagar’s longtime manager, my main contact with Sammy’s camp and the main thorn in the side of the USOC. I understand the business of rock and roll management representing the underbelly to all the glamour and excitement that we as fans see on stage night after night, something that John was at the forefront of for Sammy Hagar.

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May 11, 2011 by murmur

It has been a tough road for my documentary on Redheads since I began this project almost two years ago. There has been disappointment and more drama than I could have ever imagined, yet I press on. The amazing love and support for my film has been overwhelming and I am reminded of this each and every day by the heartfelt emails, messages and phone calls of support from Redheads from around the globe. I am reminded that, without real drama, there would be no backbone to my story... guess everything happens for a reason. So despite various setbacks, the USOC is back stronger than ever!

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May 09, 2011 by murmur

Follow the story of how Carter and company gave the green light to independent filmmaker Murray Wasylnuk to capture the Red Rocker and what it means to be a true Redhead... only to have your film completely railroaded by the powers that be and see what the "camp" really thinks of the Redheads that help pay their salaries... open you wallets and be ready to "GO THERE ONCE" cause they will "SCREW YOU TWICE"... cause they did it to me to the tune of $11,000 USD! Coming soon to a theater near you!

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A SECOND order of USOC T-Shirts in the works...

October 20, 2010 by murmur

If anyone is interested, a second order is being placed for the UNITED STATES OF CABO T-Shirts! Available in BLACK ONLY in T's, Mens Tanks and Ladies Spaghetti Tanks at the same break even price of $28.00 CDN, which includes a special bonus plus shipping to any address within the USA and Canada. At this time I am accepting requests for styles and sizes, with a minimum goal of 25 pieces.

Thanks for supporting my film and helping to get the word out!


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USOC T-Shirt Pre-Order Update.

August 10, 2010 by murmur

Thanks to all of the Redheads that pre-ordered an official UNITED STATES OF CABO T-Shirt. I can't wait to see everyone wearing these custom shirts and tank tops down in Cabo in October!

The pre-ordering has ended and the order has gone into the printer with an expected arrival to me on August 23. I will then sort the orders and ship the shirts to you, along with limited edition USOC and Murmur Films pins! Expect all orders to arrive by mid September.

Thanks again for your continued support and be sure to watch for an exclusive teaser trailer coming this Fall!


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UNITED STATES OF CABO Official Merchandise!

August 01, 2010 by murmur

Hello fellow Redheads! If you're not aware of me yet, I am the independent filmmaker that is producing a documentary on the fans of Sammy Hagar... aka Redheads, Chickenheads and Up Front Fanatics!

I was in Tahoe for the Chickenfoot show back in September 2009, back to Tahoe in May 2010 for the Cinco celebrations then off the St. Louis for the July 1st show. My documentary will feature intimate fan interviews with redheads, rare Sammy and the Wabo's footage as well as rare Chickenfoot concert footage and a whole lot of surprises! This documentary is produced by a fan for the fans!

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Fan Driven Documentary

June 25, 2010 by murmur

Celebrating all things Sammy Hagar and Cabo Wabo, the first official stop for my documentary was South Lake Tahoe during the Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The annual Redhead event boasts back to back concerts and a pre-party like no other, set 6,200 feet above sea level in the middle of the High Sierra region of California.

Next up, Murmur Films is set to capture additional live footage, exclusive Redhead interviews and more, as we head East to St. Louis, home to the highest concentration
of Sammy Hagar fans in the world!

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UNITED STATES OF CABO is coming to St. Louis!

June 25, 2010 by murmur

Alright ST. LOUIS... are you ready to party UNITED STATES OF CABO style? I'll be in town from June 30th to July 5th staying near downtown. I will be at the concert on July 1st, at various events around the city and am looking for any Redhead that wants to be interviewed for my film or contribute in any way, like share your Sammy memorabilia collection on camera, allow me to tour your Sammy themed bar, home, etc. whatever you'd like to contribute, you are more than welcome to shoot me an email and tell me about it! I'll have my Blackberry handy, so what are you waiting for??

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