I must be a dumbass!!!LOL

October 05, 2012 by mrcubb10

I can't figure out how to reply to my own or comment on anyone's blog. I figured I may as well just start a new one, ha. Anyway we are not from Chicago but a smaller town southwest of there, Streator Illinois. We'll be flying out of Ohare earlier in the AM on Saturday. Thanks for the invite to the Whale Watchers bar and CWC, sounds like fun. If it's a good travel day then maybe we can't get our party started that night with you guys. Heading to Chicago tonight to sleep for the night then up early to get to Ohare which can be a huge bitch to deal with but it is a Saturday so maybe not. Anyway, safe travels to all and cant wait to meet of few Redheads. Never been to Sante Fe, gonna have to walk over and check it out.

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coming from Northern Indiana... flying out on 10/5 thru Ohare around noon....

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It looks like there will be a lot of Illinois Redheads this year!! Peoria area here!!

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I know exactly where Streator is. I'm in Naperville. We're on the 12:50 American flight out of ORD tomorrow. Hopefully the seats don't come unbolted. I'll keep an eye out for other Illinoisans. Safe travels.