Oct 7th show set list

October 29, 2012 by mrcubb10

We were at the show on the 7th and I would like to know if anyone remembers or knows where to find the setlist. I've looked around but can't find it. Thanks Eric

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I must be a dumbass!!!LOL

October 05, 2012 by mrcubb10

I can't figure out how to reply to my own or comment on anyone's blog. I figured I may as well just start a new one, ha. Anyway we are not from Chicago but a smaller town southwest of there, Streator Illinois. We'll be flying out of Ohare earlier in the AM on Saturday. Thanks for the invite to the Whale Watchers bar and CWC, sounds like fun. If it's a good travel day then maybe we can't get our party started that night with you guys. Heading to Chicago tonight to sleep for the night then up early to get to Ohare which can be a huge bitch to deal with but it is a Saturday so maybe not.

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Its almost here!!!

October 03, 2012 by mrcubb10

Can't believe we only have two days and a wake up and it's off to Cabo. We were fortunate enough to get tix to the show on the 7th, struck out at second chance but can't complain. We'll be staying at the RIU palace 6th-12th It's been five years since our last trip (Sammy's 60th)so were definatley ready. Cheers to all and look forward to seeing some Redheads!!! Safe travels everyone. Eric and Amy!

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Bash Tix

July 31, 2012 by mrcubb10

Very thankful for the opportuniy to attend the show on the 7th!!! See you in October, probably Face Down!!! Eric and Amy, RIU Palace 10/6-10/12.

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