September 01, 2017 by MOTLEYBRUE

Hey folks,

First time BDBers here. I am an over planner and get a lil OCD with places I've never been. Especially when you hear things from people that most likely complain about everything.

We need y'alls opinion...

We are staying at the Marriott FairField Inn...Good choice??

We are renting a car...Good choice?? (we do have insurance on it)

Is the any parking for the venue?

is it OK to walk the 17 minute walk from our hotel to the cantina??? Day or night??

Is there any great spots for my 5'1'' wife (who will b 28 weeks pregnant at age 50+) to hang back and have a great view/experience??

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We've rented cars many times without issue. The key is to have coverage at home both with your insurance company and your credit card. You shouldn't need additional insurance.

That being said, unless you're venturing out of Cabo to San Jose, Todo Santos or Art & Beer at KM69...don't bother renting a car. Art & Beer is incredible though:)

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I have rented a car for 9 years and never have had any issues or seen any corrupt cops in Cabo. Cancun, yes. My resort is on the corridor so we need transportation. If you are staying downtown Cabo, there is no need to rent a car. We walk everywhere night and day,, no problems. The roads are going to be a challenge with the recent storm. It's better not to rent a car in my opinion. You can always rent one for a day or two if you want to venture out. But to venture out after Tropical Storm Lidia may not be the best decision this trip.

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Hi there,

This hotel is a decent choice in terms of location. It really depends what you're looking for. The Tesoro is a great location and super fun.

Both are within walking distance but Tesoro is closer and there are many cool boutique hotels even close by that house many RedHeads!

Don't rent a car unless you plan on venturing outside Cabo to places such as San Jose or Todos Santos.

parking is challenging downtown for sure as mentioned by others.

The venue will be packed. Hopefully, people will be gracious and allow your wife to get a good vantage point but don't count on this.

We walk everywhere and have had no issues day or night in Cabo. rule of thumb...don't be a dumb ass! LOL. To be safe and make your wife more comfy, grab a taxi because she will be doing a lot of standing that day and night!

my advice, try and arrive early and get a spot to the left of the stage that is set higher.

Best of luck to you both. I've been to Cabo many times; feel free to email me directly at if you have more questions:)

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Fairfield is really close to Medano Beach... I stayed there last year and recommend it to save $$ as the rates are great. Plus you get passes to Casa Dorada.. or at least they had them last year.

And yes... driving is an "experience" in Cabo... cabs baby!

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Haha...thats what the website says when you reserve the car. When you pick it up, its typically $200-300 with all the 'fees'

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Now I know why the cost for 5 days was $11.00 total with insurance!!

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DO NOT rent a car in Cabo. Taxis are farely inexpensive. The Cabo police are totally corrupt and pull over rental cars to shake them down for money. Scary experience.
DO NOT RENT A CAR! Parking downtown is scare a anyway.

I found walking anywhere is Cabo is pretty safe.

Your wife can hang in the back by the bars or in the corner near the bathrooms but the Cantina will be crowded and there is alot of "contact".

Not sure about the Fairfield. We always stay on Medano Beach. Great views and restaurants nearby. And about a 20 min walk to cantina and marina.