March 31, 2013 by mopenshaw

Ok I liked it better when my Sammy wasn't so
popular lol.... And buying tickets wasn't difficult.
Damn scalpers buying them all up
I need two Tickets for Friday in Tahoe
Please email me

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Yep, Tahoe tickets, especially the Saturday show, sell our within the first hour of going on sale. There are only about 800 available per night, so it doesn't take long. Friday tickets were available all day through both Pre-sales and until about 1:00PM pacific on the day of the public on-sale. If you didn't get them, you must not have tried very hard.

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The wife and I have never been to Tahoe but like you said. It's the second best place to see Sammy. We were at the 1st and 3rd shows at the Cabo Wabo cantina last year and we have booked our Cabo trip for this Oct. We hope the Redhead gods shine on us this year also...

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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The 3 times we have been to Tahoe - they have had extra tickets go on sale the day of the if you don't find any - go the the ticket window and see if they released additional tickets....Good luck!

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Tahoe always sells out in minutes. Been that way since he started playing there in 2004. 2nd best place to see Sammy besides Mexico...