2015 Birthday Bash

May 08, 2015 by mollycow

When does the lottery happen this year for the October Birthday Bash in Cabo?

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There are rumors Sammy will have his Bash in Vegas going forward. It's his birthday so he can play where he wants. All most fans ask is let us know. Regardless I am still going to Cabo in October. If the lottery does happen the very lucky people get two shows. There is a second chance drawing after people return tickets back in for several reasons. Good luck to all.

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Wish it was like the old days, we have been going for 18 years..... always were in..... always saw the show..... last 4 years played the lottery figured let others try and we were still in Cabo the same week every year and never saw the show. Guess it is just like the real lottery you never win?? I guess I will just have to burn up a favor with a friend (Eddie)yes that one and get credentials or something. Anyway even if we don't get in, we still love all of the staff at the Wabo we have known for so many years. Hopefully some changes will be made in the future to give long time patrons, supporters, and investors a way to see the show. We purposely purchased one of our weeks in Cabo just to see the show every year. You can imagine once the lottery system started, we basically have not seen the show but were still there every year!

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If you don't score from the lottery the only other way without beinga guest of someone who got two is to get the dinner/show combo type. These are sold on an announced date at the club first come first sold basis. There usually are people who camp on the sidewalk for these.

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So if you don't get tickets in the lottery and are there during the bas can you still get in to the club?

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I would imagine they will follow like previous. The sign up period most likely end of June or first part of July. The drawing happens a week or two afterwards.