Going to Cabo in Oct 2016

May 13, 2016 by mmaines

There are 4 of us in Cabo in Oct, I need tickets to a show Oct 7, 8th or 9th please let me know how to get them?


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Would anyone have the lottery info to submit for the tickets in October?

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Looking for recommendations on where to stay...appreciate any help!

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I'm looking for recommendations on where to stay. Appreciate any help!

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Looking forward to the Bash 2016. This will be the 4th one... Lottery will start in a couple of weeks.. LOOKS LIKE COUPLE OF MONTHS NOW..

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Mylybra check your email.

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The lottery entry is usually open in June/Juky with the drawing in August. There is a link to enter for each show. The dates high likelyhood to be October 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th. Do not enter into one if you are not able to go on that date. There is a limit of two tickets per show per family.

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When do the Lottery results come in so people can Plan?
How do you tell if you signed up? I so can't remember! the years blend in together. lol
Do they publish it anywhere or do only WINNERS get an email?

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When is the lottery, and how do I sign up for it?? What are the dates for the birthday bash this year????

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As mentioned regular tickets have been done by lottery drawing. If things fall time wise like previous years in a month or two an announcement should be made. The show/dinner ones people line up 40 to 50 hours ahead to get them. There is a limit of two per person/per show. The shows are usually 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th.

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Good Luck. I havent hit since lottery started

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you have to get tix either through the lottery or stand in line for the dinner/show tix. there will be notices coming out for dates of lottery. I was there last year...it was great!!!! Good luck!!!