Sammy Hagar & Wabo's @ San Diego Fair in Del Mar

June 12, 2010 by SOCALROCKER64

Well I just got home after a busy day,and driving 245 miles round trip.I have been up for 20 hours since waking up for work this morning at 4:00am, and starting at 5:00am.I worked my 8 hrs today,and then gassed up my truck for a drive down to San Diego.I headed on down to Del Mar to see Sammy Hagar & The Wabo's tonight.I had an On Stage ticket finally my first time experiencing the presence of hanging out behind Sammy and watching the King of "Rock n Roll" rock the stage with everyone there to see the great show he put on tonight.I was on the back riser behind Mona she is such a good bassist.I had brought some stuff for Sammy to sign but he got distracted by some Blondes standing next to me for a picture photo taken from there husband's,and I was waiting patiently for Sammy to walk over to me so I could have him sign my stuff but he walked right by me and stepped down the riser to the exit steps so I missed out on a chance to say hi to the great Sammy Hagar and get my memorabilia signed.Anyway I enjoyed the show and can't wait to see him play again soon.Maybe next time I can get something signed from him I hope.What would be awesome to enjoy would be a Meet & Greet chance with Sammy & The Wabos sometime soon.I go to all his shows and travel where he is playing just about any show he performs at.I will be at the O.C. FAIR in August,and will be sitting this time in the audience.I didn't purchase a On Stage ticket for that show.Well I had an excellent time tonight at the show and looking forward to another great show in AUGUST at the O.C.Fair.See you soon at I hope.I am a true Redhead Sammy Hagar Fan!

Peace Out and Good Night Sammy,

Mitch aka SOCALROCKER... :)

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I loved being ON STAGE.Definitly will do it again!!!

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Is it worth being on stage? I've never done that before!