Bash Registration and Ticketing

July 31, 2012 by misscabowabo

Just spoke to inticketing to find out if I could change my credit card number with them and still be registered (since I had to report my card lost). They informed me that all shows are sold out and the ticketing is done.

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Norine Holder's picture

Something has to be wrong everyone i talked to said 3 to 4 shows and got zero!!! Why havent they posted something saying Closed This is just wrong!!!

CaboKathy's picture

I wanna cry so bad hearing this but will remain positive that they just still have not informed everyone..
We'll be there tickets or not but had hoped to see a show from inside the Cabo Wabo.

jewelishere's picture

Seriously????? 2 of us put in for 3 nights each and got nothing. Been booked for several months. WTF???? This can not be for real.