touring drummer for CHICKENFOOT

October 18, 2010 by mils

as word comes out from chad smith, that he won't be able to tour w/chickenfoot next year, the question is raised, who will?
i have no idea if his schedule will fit , but i vote for JASON BONHAM!!! going to see the led zep exp. tommorow in mpls.. if i get up close enough, i'll ask him if he's

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I think David Lauser would be great!!

This has been Stef's two cents.♥

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If Chad is going to remain as Chickenfoots drummer in the future (just not for 'this tour")what's wrong with David Lauser?

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jason played with them for the encore in vegas, but i hear matt sorum

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Jesus, Mike....LMAO!! you know there are some morons over on FB who actually brought this up and I THINK they were serious. Those people need to be smacked.

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Matt Sorum would be a good choice too, since he's good bro's with Sammy.

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You know Alex Van Halen has to be looking for something to do right? LOL!

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let's get this right...JASON would need to get along with the guys in the BAND!! know what I mean?? LOL!!!



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Absolutley agreed!!!Jason would kick @$$!!! But still not the same without Chad.

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Need to make sure the REST of the guy's in the band can get along with Jason... Just sayin'...

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I like it...

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As long as it's not Tommy Lee. Nothing against Tommey personally or as a drummer, but my gut tells me he's not the right fit for the 'Foot.

Just one RedHead's opinion for what it's worth!