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October 15, 2010 by mils

hey all
is there a website for the beach bar and grills?
where are the bbag's?(Hawaii, st. louis, vegas)
cantinas are in cabo, tahoe, and vegas, are there others?
how much notice when he play's tahoe or vegas?
where is cinco de mayo in 2011?
sorry for all the questions, we were planning on cabo for oct. 2011, but things've changed. we are now thinking closer, cheaper, and earlier in the year. thanks in advance for your help!!!


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Check out: UpFrontFanantics


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It's been a long time since Sammy has done a Cinco de Mayo in the home land of it back to CABO where it belongs!!
Doug aka "CWG"

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Just stay tuned to this website they have been great about announcing when Sammy will play and where and they will usually send an email when new shows are announced.