2017 Cabo Birthday Bash!

June 26, 2017 by Mike's 40th

A fun group of friends are joining me and my wife in Cabo this October to celebrate my 40th birthday! The hotel is booked. We realized the dates line up with the birthday bash. We are huge Sammy fans and would LOVE to get tickets and come party!!! Are tickets available for purchase? Can we be added to a list to get tickets? Any info is much appreciated! My wife wants to host dinner and drinks at Cabo Wabo for the group. The dream would be staying to celebrate the birthday bash concert. Not sure if anyone here can help. This would be, by far, the best way I could celebrate my birthday!! Looking forward to hearing back!

Mike and Carrie

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Thanks tahoewabo64! I'm not sure if anyone within these posts has the power to help. We have 14 in our group and would LOVE it if all can get / purchase tickets. My fear with the lottery is that all May not. We want to reserve a table for dinner and drinks and to celebrate my birthday and then stay for the show. Not sure how to arrange that. If anyone can help that would be amazing! Thanks!

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Hey Mike, Keep checkin the site- details coming soon! There is usually a lottery drawing for the opportunity to purchase tix at the Cantina, rumors are there will be an outdoor show as well!