B- Bash 2010

August 02, 2010 by mikeb004

I was lucky the 8th & 9TH I got tickets. 11& 13 the server would crash!! This years system is alot better then waiting 12 hours for free tickets!! THE Red Rocker Team did a great job!!! My only concern is I hope that they don't decide to let people in for free the day of the shows when we had to pay for them this year. THIS SOULD BE THE BEST YEAR ONLY 650 PEOPLE PER NIGHT (We won't be shoulder to shoulder). Every year before 1000+people per show. See you there!

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Don't let the number of tickets sold fool you, there will be the same number of people in the cantina as always. There will be a guest list and corporate VIP's filling out the rest of the cantina.