Once in a life time trip!

January 07, 2013 by MickyMacDaddy

Hey Sam or management, could you tell me if there are any issues getting tickets into the cabo wabo at cabo for Sammy's birthday bash, my wife and I live in Australia and have been a fan since I first Heard VOA in high school. We are saving to be at the birthday bash 2013 if not 2014 as with most people times are hard but this is our dream trip and we would hate to miss out once we get to Cabo.
I have read a few horror stories about the ticket process at Cabo and would be devastated if I couldn't see the guy that basically road mapped my music experience from that very first Listen to VOA until now, Sammy's music is the soundtrack to my life experiences, from getting laid, my first car, to my son being born, there has always been a song of Sammy's that reminds me of an event in life and that's the best compliment I can give him.
If someone could give me some insight or the right way not to miss his birthday bash, I would be more than appreciative...
Cheers Mick Maas from Down Under! email: macsima@y7mail.com

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I would not even know where to begin on my first adventure to Cabo....I have often thought to write about it because it is such a crazy story from start to finish.Its actually funny as shit...but....all in all its about the experience and I can say..I have been there done it...and I dont think I will do THAT again...cabob yes...during BB week - I seriously dont think so......Micky you and your wife better be able to endure beyound believe....and still hope your lucky....and just still keep smiling (and drinking)....

All My love...still a Redhead forever despite...now I got THE stories...probably better the most....2012 and the SBBR EGG Holy Crap..YooHoo...YeeHay

Happy New YeAR 2013
Katherine in Austin

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Mick, There are a TON of issues! It is not easy by any means! If you are only going to Cabo to see the show(s), plan your trip once you have confirmed tickets to the show(s)! And once you are in Cabo, plan on being in lines & waiting for hours that will add up equaling days of your vacation!! This is how it is & I only want people to know what to expect! Too many Newbies show up & complain about the process...plain & simple it's brutal!! But the shows are fantastic!!
Doug aka "CWG"

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They decided last year to do a lottery system for the ticket buying system which was the first year of doing such thing. The word is that it will once again be done this way for this year. This method was for the regular admission the dinner/show ones were sold as usual first come first serve. I would say keep saving as much as you can and when they announce the ticketing put your name in the hat, and if you win then book the trip. They have said ticketing will be done earlier than last year for this reason.