August 11, 2017 by mickeybryan

Hi everyone, I haven't been able to see Sammy or Michael since the 2004 VH reunion tour and I'm curious. At that show, I had a front row seat that I paid dearly for, I might add, and Sammy and Michael both signed several things for people during the sound-check and at different times during the show- I noticed to folks who had a Sharpie readily available. I was not one of those people :( . Anyway, I recently tried to purchase VIP Experience packages to a show and my session timed out; just my luck, and ended up buying 7th row tickets. Later, more VIP became available for 3rd row. I couldn't find any information at the time on what was included and bought them the minute I saw them! Turns out, that row C is in a VIP box not near as close to the stage as row 7, and comes with 2 free drinks and some food- but no type of meet & greet lol; just my luck again!

My goal was to be closer to the stage, and I was wondering if anyone has been to a show lately that knows the likelihood of getting anything signed if I use the 7th row seats instead? Let's be honest- I don't need this VIP package just for 2 drinks and some food- I can buy my own drinks lol. The venue has assured me that those box seats are great seats, and maybe that's true for someone who wants to watch the show away from the crowd, but I'm not there yet. Although, if there's any chance that they'd offer any sort of upgrades later to those VIP seats such as meet & greets or something, I'd be happy to sit there, as I'll have my 75 year old mother with me. I can't keep both sets of tickets and I just wish I knew where I had a better chance, if any chance at all. Can anyone here see the future lol?

Thanks- Mickey :)

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