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February 28, 2013 by michaelr089

I have 90+ empty cabo wabo bottles dating back in late 90's to present (blanco, reposado, and anejo). Does anybody think they are worth selling? If so, where would you suggest?


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I am interested in the bottle readytorockmom. Email me at thanks!

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I am interested in the white ceramic that you have for sale. Let me know how much at

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I have read that an empty first edition white ceramic bottle can fetch around $3500, a full one can fetch over $5,000 and a signed empty can fetch around $6500. Is this true? If I could get $4,000 for my half full first edition ceramic bottle then I would be willing to sell. I bought it at Cabo Wabo the week of Sammy's birthday bash in October of 1997. The cork does not push in all the way, just about half way.

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So did you decide the sell them? If you have any of the white ceramic bottles - I would be interested in 1 bottle...just let me know!

Tx- Harleymomma

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I'm interested in buying the white ceramic bottle as well if anyone is wanting to sell one. I can be contacted at

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how much for the white bottle rock-on

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hello readytorockmom this is in edmonton alberta canada. i am a red head and van halen fan. i have attended sammys b-day bash in cabo back in october 2004. i managed to collect two of the three original line of cabo wabo tequila bottles after drinking the contents with friends. however i do not have blance white original label. do you have an extra one laying around you would part with preferably with the wooden cork top. if so please get back to me at my e-mail address or this page asap. i will pay for shipping and handling,and the cost of the bottle as long as you are reasonable about the price, but please pack it good as i dont want a broken bottle upon arrival. let me know thanks.

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if they are blue you should donate them to caryn in hawaii to make into jewelry to sell to fund her breast cancer bills.redlove debbie

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hey michaelR089 this is from edmonton alberta again about the cabo wabo tequila bottles. the last time i heard the reposada version which is basically brewed and sold without much aging unlike blanco white for six months and the less mass volume of anejo elixer thats aged in oak barrels for much longer periods of time was selling or valued at $20.00 in us funds on e-bay the last time i heard. try to get mass red head blog info and contact the fans directly by leaving comments on their blogs th eway i have withyou to see if they would be interested in those bottles. again i would keep some of those bottles for future generations to come. they just might have some value but not a whole lot since ole sam is a solo enterprize holder. again i would be most interested in a blanco white original label bottle with the cork if you would be willing to sell it. as i said in my last comment i will pay for shipping and handling from where ever you are to me here inedmonton alberta canada. please get back tome on this request i really need one bottle (empty) of blanco white original label for my collection. thanks michaelR089.

p.s if you have not made it to cabo for any of sammy b-day bashes i can give you a free picture of the exterior of his bar and two picture profiles of eddied radical raffled chevy c-1500 that was won by a dude from lansing michigan usa. i tracked him down and got pictures of it. what do you say dude PLEASE...!!!

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yo michealR089 this is a red head and van halen fan name chris bumstead talking at ya. if you like you can see my face and my american made red on black 79 firebird on the red rocker website. just keep clickin i am on there dude.anyway i would suspect that all the members of van halen as a whole are legends in their own time so it will be a long time before and after those boys leave this wonderous planet that any of your vh or red rocker memorbilia will be of any value. there is just to much of it out there unless those boys decided to do something financially cool for their fans pertaining to collectables of any sort. i would suggest keeping three sets of three tequila bottles old and new versions since secrets of the trinity lies within the number three meaning (three lock box)

P.S, if you have 90 plus empty cabo wabo agave cactus juice bottles would you happen to have an extra original label blanco white one with the cork? you see my fellow red head fan i have collected all three new label versions of sams elixar high test compound, but i gave those three to my lady friend corinna. i do however also have the original bottle versions of reposada that i bought from longs drugs on reseda and ventura in los angeles, and original anejo that i got from margarita ville on floor 2 of the luxor hotel in las vegas. that leaves original label blanco white that i would really like to get my hands on. would you possibly sell me that one. i live in edmonton alberta canada. i will pay for the cost of it if its not to expensive and i will also pay shipping and handling to get it hear. e-mail me at if you would like to discuss this. thanks michaelR089 i look forward to hearing from you. adios amigo see you in cabo for a mother fucker of a party with sammy, mikey and the rest of those good musical fuckers.
chow dude!

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I am interested in the answers. I have an Ultra rare Ceramic Cabo Wabo Los Cinco soles bottle that I am willing to sell. I also have a lot of other 1st generation rare bottles I am selling as well and a lot of autographed items.