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May 24, 2011 by michaelk059

I've seen Sammy over about 20 times with Van Halen and about 20 times solo and he always walked through the on stage fans. The one show I buy VIP for "Sammy's Cinco De Mayo show in 2009" and Sammy never walked through the crowd on stage. Although it was a unique experience, Not worth the $400 we spent for tickets, gas, drive from Tucson to San Diego, and hotel. I thought I was finally going to fulfill my dream of meeting him, but was denied. I also had a meet in greet in Tucson about 10 years ago, but that was cancelled as well. I was very disappointed both times, but still love him and his music. A die hard fan till the end.

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I'll be going again June 4th in Tucson (Second Row!!!), not going to risk the VIP experience though. Can't afford it.