Cabo Wabo Guitar

March 02, 2019 by m.barcadero
Cabo Wabo Guitar
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I got my hands on this sweet Cabo Wabo Stratocaster. It's pretty unique, I hope. I searched the heck out of the Internet and the only other one I could find was a photo on a Guitar Center webpage, and the listing had expired. I have a lot more photos. It really sounds great, all the electronics were working and I only had to replace the nut (with a Fender Bone, naturally). I put round string tees on it instead of those wing styles which cut into the strings. The Low E tuning button and bushing were gone so I McGuyvered a decent fix, new Dean Markley slinky strings, no fret buzz. Anybody want this for their collection? How much is it worth?

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Cabo Wabo Guitar

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Still trying to figure it out!

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Hey rich,
What happened with the guitar?
Was it worth anything?
Was it really a strat?