No party like Cabo Wabo

October 13, 2017 by MBANKSTON

We're here in Cabo ready to celebrate with Sammy! It's my husband's 50th birthday celebration along with Sammy's 70th. We have tickets for Night 4 and are super stoked to be here!! Happy birthday to Sammy and to Ken Bankston!! Hey, Sammy?! I would love a shout out to Ken for his birthday. He watches the DVD "Sammy Hagar & the Waboritas" all the time and has dreamed of seeing you live at Cabo Wabo! I am ecstatic that I could get these tickets for him to celebrate his 50th with the best party ever! Happy Birthday!!!

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From one redhead to another Youre in for good stuff, have fun! Cabo in the fall is the best, but since my hubby became ill we cant join in on the festivities, but our spirits are high and happy for ALL that's blessed to be there! Happy 10/13 to all and birthday birthday goers