Signing a Cabo Wabo guitar

May 14, 2012 by maverick1957

Sammy I will be at the Greenville Loins Park August 4 in Wisconsin. I have reserve seats in section F.And I enjoy drinking your Cabo Wabo. My home bar has all the flavors. There is a Red Rocker Cabo Wabo guiter on the wall. The problem is it's missing your autograph. I am hopeing I can get you to sign it at the concert at The Greenville Loins Park on August 4. if that's not asking to much.Its about time you came to God's country for a show' cant wait to go.

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Mandy Buck's picture

We just got back from Tahoe we had the meet and greet backstage tour package, we took my husbands Gibson Explorer Sammy Hagar guitar no autographs during meet greet, we were front row right in front of Sammy and he signed the guitar, just put it on the stage like we did, or have someone front row with it. Good Luck great show the foot is back in full force!!!!