Redhead Cruise

August 10, 2015 by marys024

Has anyone heard when the Redhead/Booze cruise is this year? I've emailed Carla about it but have not heard back so I was thinking I missed something! Thanks!

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I have 6 spots paid for. FDIC!!

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Redhead booze cruise tickets for the Amigos de los Ninos charity can be purchased on paypal for 35.00 usd. pay to The cruise will set sail on the Cabo Mar around 4 pm on Oct. 10th. The charity beach party will start at 12 noon on Oct. 12th at Tobasco's bar on Medano beach. Lots of goodies will be raffled off and auctioned at both events. all proceeds go to a great local charity, Amigos de los Ninos..

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It is Oct 10th and Beach Party is 12th

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I also was looking for information on this. I do not think anything has been posted.