Well folks, I am turning the big 4-0 this year.

January 05, 2011 by markt5150

1-5-11 (part 2)

This milestone has pretty much snuck up on me. At times I still feel like that long-haired, 17-year-old kid who just graduated from high school and had his whole life ahead of him.

Other times, I really feel my age…

I am a different person now than I was at seventeen regardless of what I try and tell myself -- I am the person who has realized that he has pretty much fallen into the position he will remain in this life. And now, at nearly 40, making a pauper’s wage - just barely able to support my family - I sometimes feel my life is unfulfilled. Sometimes I feel there is just something about me that God doesn't like, because he just keeps messing with me every chance he gets.

Fortunately, at times like this, I put on music that brings me back to my glory days and I remind myself that I'm only as old as I act (feel) and only as limited as I allow myself to be. Part of the rotation is my own playlist of Sammy’s "Greatest Hits.” Music of his I have loved and blown out many a speaker with over the years. Some is from the Montrose days, some from the solo days, and a big chunk from the Van Halen, Waborita, and Chickenfoot days. (Sexy Little Thing is my favorite song right now!)

So anyways, back to my mid-life crisis…for the past 10 years I have been trying to get down to Cabo to see the birthday shows. My birthday is in August, in the waning days of summer (well in the Pacific Northwest anyway). When summer turns to fall in the Pacific Northwest it usually comes in like a lion, so to dream of a sunny place in October where the food is plenty and the drinks flow freely makes the transition a bit more palatable. This year, come h*ll or high water I will be there. What better way to celebrate a mid-life crisis than to go to Cabo and party with one of my favorite rockers and his crazy fans (I can’t afford a muscle car or child support if I leave my familial responsibility, lol)!

I have been a fan of Sammy pretty much all my life (well, over half anyways!). Sammy is one guy who has always stayed consistent in his approach to rock and roll…I appreciate that more than anyone could understand. Raunchy guitar riffs, wailing vocals and flowing melodies make my heart soar! They give me the push I need on those days where I just feel overwhelmed. If there’s one thing that stands true in my world, is that whenever things seem to be going sideways I will always have rock and roll, and no one can take that away from me!


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We all get a little down from time to time. Just think about all the things that you have to be fortunate for and count those blessings every day. We always think that we have it bad but there are a million more stories worse than ours. God hears prayers and answers them when the time is right. I thought the same thing as you that He was messing with me and then I started asking for things that were relevant from God and really believed that He would answer them and He did. You’re on the bus, maybe you just need to change your seat on the bus. Hang in there and Jam a little Sam. Always helps my day too!

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Good luck on your quest. My 40th birthday was New Year's eve, and my wonderful wife surprised me with a trip to Cabo. We spent it at Cabo Wabo and were lucky enough to see Sammy jam with the house band. And for that saying, 'Go there once, be there twice', we have already booked a trip to go back for our anniversary.

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well said. and you are not the only one i feel the same way and i turn 40 in June.