My Personal Road to Cabo in 2011

January 05, 2011 by markt5150

1-5-11 (part 1)
So first off, hello all.

This will be my first blog here. I hope to keep a blog for the next 9-10 months (and probably beyond) as I chronicle my personal journey to finally reach Cabo in 2011. I've never been to Cabo and, quite frankly, I've never even been out of the United States except for Canada skiing a few times. I'll try to keep it updated and add my thoughts and ponderings at least twice a month. I know that many of you here in this community have already been chronicling your journeys, your concert experiences, and your meetings with Sammy and the "guys". I don't have any stories...yet. But I hope to be able to revel in my experiences very soon!


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TahoWabo55's picture

Hi asked how to get into a Sammy show in Cabo. Well...last year they sold tickets to the Bash on the sure to keep posted here at RR.COM for details for the upcoming shows in October.

You will love Cabo, you can go high dollar or low budget there is something for everyone!

I have gone to Cabo every twice a year since I graduated highschool in 1973 - May and October, but missed October 2009 and went to Hawaii for our anniversary...had to give hubby a Sammy rest.

Hope to met you in Cabo...have fun at the fair!

capecodnut's picture

Mark, Cabo is the BOMB. Been there so many times, and I miss it. You can be as crazy...or as you want. The natives are wonderful and kind. The waters are tranquel and warm, as like the people, the shrimp and the parties! All I can say is....GET THERE!