Just Got F*ked by the Birthday Bash Ticketing "System"

August 16, 2011 by markt5150

Well, thanks for nothing redrocker.com, you just destroyed my birthday wish and my trip to Cabo with your sh*tty ticket sale setup. What a big let down. Your crap system threw me into PayPal because it "recognized my email address". I said to just go ahead as a "guest" like they said we could, but it dumped my basket to one ticket from two -- by the time I got thru that and had to redo my basket (literally SECONDS) the site had timed me out, sent me to PayPal's main page so by the time I got back to redrocker.com the tickets were gone.

F.U. and your sh*t process.

I may just cancel my trip now...no sense in going. I can go somewhere cheaper and listen to Sammy on my mp3 if that's what I have to do...what a let down.

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AaronKatz2000's picture

Sorry, love Sammy, huge fan. But if it's got his name on it (he is the red rocker), then he needs to make sure that the people that run his site do it right. This is NOT complicated. It's 700-1000 people tring to buy 600 tix. U2 goes on sale at Giants Stadium you have 300,000 people hitting the site trying to get tix. This is year #2. Glitches were promised to be fixed this year. Then, they had ANOTHER 3 weeks to prepare after the first on-sale was botched. There are no excuses! I be there cheerin' on the man and celebrating his birthday but he does owe it to these amazing loyal fans to make sure this process ran glitch free and for the 3rd time now (once last year, twice this year), it didn't.

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I think where you got screwed is when you change the # of tickets to 2, if you don't hit "Change", it will drop to 1 when you get to Paypal. Happened to a friend of mine as well, but she went ahead and bought the 1 ticket instead of going back.

Sorry Brother!

markt5150's picture

The site, not the man...of course Sammy had nothing to do with this sh*tty site's ticket sales process.

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Sorry for your problems & loss! You should have had an account already set up with PayPal! It makes it a quick transaction! In most cases this time around if you didn't have them paid for in three to four minutes...they were sold out! I paid for all of mine in less than half a minute once I got into PayPal & didn't have any problems!
Doug aka "CWG"

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It's not SAMMY"S FAULT ASSHOLE, IT'S THE fucking computer"s. Next time buy one @ ticket master's. Sammy's one COOL MOTHER FUCKER& Would never fuck his fans? I've met him/michael anthony personally?

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No, see, that's the thing. I WAS familiar with it. So when it asked if I wanted to continue as a "guest" I said "YES" and my basket dropped from my two tickets to one ticket for whatever reason...so when I went back to fix the quantity I got kicked out to PayPal's main page...so by the time I got back to redrocker.com ticketing, they were gone. I only had ONE chance, and I got screwed. So, in RR.com's anti-defense, F*CK THEM!

p.s. Sorry, a little upset right now. This was my one and only chance and it's been blown.

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I got screwed out of tickets on the 7th and 9th because they didn't allow international orders, But Mark in RR's defence it did ask you to familiarize yourself with your paypal well in advance, Like I said I got screwed too, but it sure beats sleeping on the sidewalk,