murphys ironstone concert

September 12, 2011 by markrory

The drive to ironstone was merciless. So was the seating. So was Joe. Oh Joe. YOur guitar screams wiht no melody - no voice - no lyrics. The crowd didn't get it. No Sammy joining him. Why Joe at a Wabo's concert???? Showcase Mona, Vic and Bro. We came to see them play ith Sammy, not Joe. We won't be going back to ironstone ever again. It's no Tahoe. Theres no cabo wabo bar. no tequila. whats up sammy? u dont like wabos no more?????

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seanster's picture

Im with Cabolovesus.What I saw friday night was one of the best venues and rock and roll shows I have ever seen.Please do this again next year Sammy.Beats the Harveys parking lot show anyday.Sammy seemed to have a great time too.

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Were we at the same show...I think NOT! Joe's band rocked...I think that you were the one that did not get it! There were no lyrics needed as that Orange Ibanez totally sang and anyone who knows anything about music would definitely know what it was saying. Everyone around us loved it and Joe got a stand ovation! Were you GA on the grass...then I can understand why you thought the venue was not the extra money next time and get the whole jiffy pop!