Is There Another Option To Watch AXS TV If Your Cable Provider Does Not Offer Channel???

October 25, 2013 by markg079

Hey Redheads!!!

Does anyone know if there is another option to watch AXS TV if you cable provider does not provide the channel. We have Cox cable down here in San Diego and they do not have this channel as an option. Was wondering if anyone knew if there was another way of getting channel, like maybe online?? Any suggestions are appreciated. If not I will have to hunt down someone who has the channel with another provider. Thanks.

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I don’t have AXS TV, but an old buddy of mine has satellite and I will be calling him in hope I can use his house/TV to watch Sammy tonight.

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I think everyone who has been there is already counting the weeks.

Mas Tequila

We will be FDIC 2014

Later Jeff

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You are the man! Thanks Jeff! Our regards to all also. Only 50 more weeks??? Who's counting besides you and I?? LOL

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Not for sure Mark, maybe online then patch cable it to your TV set. We have Comcast and I have AXS. but our friends David and Janet don't, so we will all be getting together for the show on Sunday. I think that's due to us having a few pay channels. I will record it to my DVR and then try to burn it on my DVD player / recorder / burner or something like that. Tell your wife we all said hello and looking forward to tipping back a few with you guys again in about 50 weeks...LOL

Mas Tequila My Friend

FDIC 2014

Later Jeff