Sammy - great set, too bad it was cut short

August 14, 2011 by Mammoth
Sammy - great set, too bad it was cut short
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Great show. Sammy sounded excellent and was on top of his game. Great song selection, as always. But alas, Sammy's set was cut short after only 30 minutes due to an impending thunderstorm. I was more than a little disappointed since Sammy hasn't performed in Detroit with the Wabo's in a few years. But you obviously can't blame Sammy. An act of God isn't something you mess with. Still, I hope he comes back soon. Detroit can never get enough of the Red Rocker!

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I totally agree. I try to catch Sammy every time he's in Detroit. I was very disappointed...first, he came on earlier than I expected. There was supposed to be another local band first, so we took our time getting into the building. He was already playing One Way to Rock when I was still on the sidewalk, so I have no idea how much I missed. I got the full Montrose set, and two VH songs. That was it. Shortest concert ever, and he was the main reason I was there. No offense to Kid, who was also fantastic, but I've been a Sammy fan since my first ride in a Trans Am listening to Standing Hampton in 1982 as a cocky little kid. Literally, I was "outdriving in (a) 6.6". Cliche, yes, and not my 6.6. Still, he's stamped into my soul forever, and I'll remain a fan if I live to be 100. If I can swing it, maybe I'll drive to Columbus for the OH gig. Or I'll hold out for Chickenfoot next year.