Your Concerts in Peoria Illinois...

February 05, 2011 by Making it Last
Your Concerts in Peoria Illinois...
Me relaxing w/ cabo wabo tequila!!

I had attended all of your concerts but this one concert I was outside waiting to see you come out and when I did and you had your baby girl in your arms I knew one way to get your attention and I yelled "Sammy you have a beautiful baby girl.........You looked and waved to me...I have always been a big fan of yours..I had seen on what I believe what is called cribs and you had this awesome room where you go play your guitar cause it just sounded so good! I hope all is going well w/ you and your family and wish you would come back to the Peoria Illinois Civic Center cause I will so be there. You Rock "Red Rocker"!

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One thing about Sammy is that he is a laid back and is just himself....I seen him in the mid to late 90's...Sammy rocks and will always have me as a fan!) I have never got a picture w/ him but I know he has more fan's than me but just to go to watch him ROCK is good enough (to uuuh) For me.....LOL

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I have seen Sammy every time he played Peoria. My favorite would be in the 80's when he did "I Can't Drive 55" running the catwalks of the arena. He was so excited to have a wireless microphone!!