RIP Mark Holt

September 04, 2014 by MajTom7

RIP Mark Holt

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My condolences to you and his friends and family
Anytime a loved one is lost those close go thru a lot and any words or thoughts help...

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I agree, might be a little bit harsh when one paints with a broad brush. There are lots of people who never post a thing here.

No obituary that I can share but he was 54, died of cancer on 9/3, had a wife and kids.

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We never met Mark just knew him thru the old Redrocker forum. R.I.P. Mark. Prayers to his family


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That might be just a little bit harsh - there was no mention of who he was, if he had a family, what your relationship was to him or the circumstances of his death - my condolences to you and any other friends and family he may of had though - I don't think any of us take pleasure in someones passing - Godspeed

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No one else added a word here about someone's passing? Just right back to the self-serving and/or self-promoting spam....

Yes, you people are "true" Redheads...