Birthday Bash 2022

July 13, 2022 by MacerStone

Well that sucked strike 3, no tickets.... Had 3 devices going and the second on sale, still bummed.... going still but still bummed

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BADTAD's picture

Wife was able to get tickets for show 2, I went for show 3, we both had multiple devices going trying to get tickets. We have tickets for show 1 & 2 .. no luck for birthday! But we will be outside of Cantina to party with the rest of the redheads! See Ya in Cabo

Harleymomma08's picture

I went for the 10/11 show had 2 tickets but the sale never went thru. Oh well...Cabo is great no matter what. Make never know who parties too much or get the Montezuma's revenge and BAM someone will have a plus one..


LexyP's picture

Same experience here. I tried SO hard to get tickets to any of the 3 nights. I had such high hopes! I’m not crying, you’re crying

mmdeangelis's picture

We did too one for each night 2 times had tickets in basket .
Oh well first year in 6 that we don’t have any but, still spending 2 weeks in Cabo, every year at this time