"Happy 73rd Birthday Sammy!!" ~ "Cheer's To YOU!!"

October 13, 2020 by lynneg067

"Happy 73rd Birthday To Our Favorite Red Rocker SAMMY!!" ~ "Cheer's To YOU:)!!" ~ "We're really looking forward to this Saturday evening October 17th and your Webcast!!" ~ "We need our Sammy and The Circle FIX!!" ~ "We've certainly Missed seeing all of you perform!!" ~ "We've been annual concert fans for a many years now and we can't wait until this Covid 19 is gone and its finally safe for all of you to do concerts once again!!" ~ "When We Hear You Sing or Talk Sam"... "You Light Up Our Lives and We Love You Sammy!!" ~ "Have An Awesome 73rd Birthday and A Healthy and Happy Year Ahead!!" ~ "Love From Lynnie and Randy Gooch in Cali" ~ "XOXO!!"

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