New Lyrics to Your Song I Can't Drive 55!!!!!! Interested????????????

April 22, 2011 by lw00569

Dear Mr. Hagar:
My sister and I live in New England. We are "Right Now" dealing with a gasoline issue - just like much of the United States. In our frustration tonight - we opened up some wine, talked about my visit to your wonderful Cabo Wabo last November 2010. Unknowingly my sister had already come up with the thought of new lyrics for your "I Can't Drive 55" song due to the gas prices (she drove from Maine to CT). She thought of this last week when hearing your song on the radio and tonight we sat here and put lyrics to the song. Only you can do it justice - we thought about putting it on YouTube but thought it may frighten You and many others!!! :))) We would love to send you or your manager or representative the lyrics if you are interested....and if so We would love to personally here you sing it!! Hope to hear back from you - gas prices suck...ans if there is a shortage it's only a shortage in our pockets!!! Our 2011 Version of “I Can’t Drive 55” is called “I Can’t Pay $5.55”

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