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September 27, 2010 by LUVMESOMERED

Ok so like I turned the big 2-9 yesterday.....got a red rocker tattoo and happy as hell!!

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Hey Randi , 45 is not too old for a tat. I`m 42 and just got chickenfoot on the top of my right foot . Was a touch painfull , but I`m happy with it.

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Hey Randi, a lady I work with just got her first tattoo for her 50th birthday, so go for it GF!!

I was gonna get the CF logo on my ankle for my b-day but probably would have ended up getting a divorce over it...he hates tattoos and I already have 2. But I got to go to California and meet Sammy instead, good trade huh?

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Hell no. If you want it, get it and you should not give a damn what other people think. Plus you are still way younger than Sammy so what is the problem?

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Happy B-day fellow Redhead and sister-friend !!! 29 was the best year for me (SO FAR).
I`ve been thinking about getting a little CHICKENFOOT tatoo on my ankle. But is it wrong to be a groupie and get a tatoo at 45?? :)

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enjoy...once you hit the big three-oh it's all downhill. HA!! Just kidding...

you know people with September b-days are the coolest right?

Happy 1013!!


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Very cool...happy Ten~13! Did you get the "R"? A bunch of Redheads have posted their tats to share on the Redrocker forum if you'd care to share as well :)