June 24, 2011 by lovesummers

Sammy Hagar: Musician, Song Writer, Entrepreneur, and now Author. I have been a fan since Montrose. I have true admiration for Sammy Hagar. Sammy is not just a rock star. He has complexities of success. Because of that, he has my utmost respect. I was very excited, when I heard he had a book out. I bought it immediately. Because of the fact that I am a high school teacher and do not have enough time for personal reading during the school year, I am 3/4's of the way through it. However, I felt compelled to write this, after reading some fan-reviews on Sammy's facebook account. I was shocked to read that fans were disappointed because of some choices Sammy had made in his life. I don't know about you, but I have made my own mistakes in my life. Due to this fact, I would not be throwing stones. If you walk in someone's shoes, you see a whole different perspective! It is one thing to spend a few minutes reading a few pages. It is another to spend the years of experience it took to get there. I will say that there is nothing in this book that has made me lose respect for this man. In fact, I respect him more after reading the book. He is extremely honest! That is a trait that most people do not possess even within themselves, let alone the world! Sammy Hagar: Musician, Song Writer, Entrepreneur, Author, smart, and extremely open and honest. Cheers to you, Sammy!

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Exactly! He could have left out a lot of stuff. I am very thankful that he didn't. If you truly like someone, you like the whole person... not just the good stuff. :) But as I said, this shows how honest he is, which is, unfortunately, a rare trait. It just made me admire him even more.

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Thanks for your review. I feel the same way. It would be hard to put ones mistakes in a book for the whole world to read. I commend Sammy for being open and honest enough to tell his story. As a life long fan, I enjoyed the read.