BDay Bash

June 28, 2019 by ljeweler58

Anyone know if Cabo Wabo is wheel chair accessible and what accommodations they have?

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James Harter's picture is a web site, & probably has little to nothing to do with the Wabo. If you need more info than provided in the post already, I'd Email the Wabo, or call them. ....Just Sayin' ... from a solution solving way of going about things...

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Still no reply from even tho I emailed them on 6/25. On one hand, customer no service; on the other hand, not selected so it's a moot point.

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whenever my wife and I have gone to the Cabo Wabo, (she uses a wheelchair), they have helped us in and put us right by front of the stage. It's a little tricky getting in (no ramps), but they will help you. Ask for Luis. He is in charge of the entrance, and is always there during the Birthday Bash shows.

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I emailed a week ago, asking the same thing. No reply yet...

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