March 04, 2011 by lizshuemate

WOW!!!! Somehow managed to get front row for Kinder, LA show!!!! BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU SAMMY!!!!!!!!

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Great Job on front row tickets. We are sec 102 row C.

On the Redhead Pre-party - I will send out suggestions on FB and this site and see who wants in and where. I am calling the Coushatta to see if they have a party place we can use before the show. We did this for the Win-Star show and it was a blast.

anyone wanting to help and any suggestions please send them my way!

it's alwasy great to meet new Redheads!

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Hey Harleymomma08, tell me more about the pre-party meet & greet??? How do u get dat?

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YEAH! We got FRONT ROW, Sec 102

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AWESOME...we got 3rd row but front row...great job!

Now for a pre-party meet & greet!!