Unclaimed Birthday Bash tickets sale

July 03, 2018 by lisahagee

Anyone know when the tickets that were won in the lottery that went unclaimed will be up for sale?

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The best suggesion is book the trip before prices skyrocket and resorts become booked up. We are all awaiting information on whether they will do dinner tickets. This would be an option, but one requiring some time spent camping out on the sidewalk of Cabo Wabo. These type are sold first come first on site and usually require at least a 24 hour camp out. They also are later this month having a traditional internet sale for ones not claimed from the lottery.

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If you didn't win the lottery for tix, can somebody please explain the manner in which to get tickets to the Birthday Bash! I would love to book flights and hotel, but not without some info.

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Look for an announcement this month on that.

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I heard later this month and that we would get info before the public.