Day 2 Birthday Bash Online Ticket Sale FAILURE

August 16, 2017 by lisahagee
Day 2 Birthday Bash Online Ticket Sale FAILURE
The tickets I had....

Went online to buy Day 2 Birthday Bash tickets. Was so excited when I was able to select 2! Hit GET TICKETS and nothing.....the site just buffering just froze. It happened to me TWICE. If Sammy's people are going to us this ludicrous online system to sell tickets, they could at least make sure the system works!
I was robbed!!!

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Shut out again

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Same thing happened to me but I've tried over the years to see Sammy in Cabo for his birthday and 2 years ago I won tickets and had my reservations all ready and the Hurricane hit and ruined it. I've tried since then to no avail so this was my last try. I'm going to still go to Cabo but no longer around his birthday cause its just too expensive around that time. Mark ups are for events just like anywhere else but it used to not be like it is now. Needless to say I probably won't see Sammy ever play again. Really disappointed that it's just not possible to get tickets to this event. But it's his birthday and not mine so I shouldn't be disappointed.

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I know what you mean!! It happened to me twice yesterday and five times today!! We have to keep the faith!! Good luck tomorrow!