Our Visit to Wabo Cabo in Cabo San Lucas

March 01, 2012 by LISACASALUCE

My husband and I are huge fans of Sammy Haggar, so for my husbands 40th birthday I got him tickets to Cabo. Stayed at the Rui Hotel, met a bunch of friends and went out on the town to visit Cabo Wabo. We had "High Hopes" of meeting Sammy but we knew that we had a better chance in our "Dreams". Told my husband regardless if he is there or not "Its Gonna be Alright". We got there the band was playing, people dancing on the bar, tables, chairs etc ...it was crazy!! "I LOVE THIS BAR"!! oh and i know you would too!! The staff was amazing, people in the bar were so friendly and so fun !

"Right Now" I am waiting for tickets to go on sale for Sammy's Birthday Bash so I can surprise my husband and take him back to Cabo in October!!! Anyone know how to go abouts getting some tickets ??

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I mean the 22nd and the 24th. Sorry, must still be fuzzy from the tequila.

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If you were just there, you also just missed him. I was lucky enough to see him there on 2-24 (see the video on this site) and he played again on 2-26.
B-day bash tickets usually go on sale here early August, keep your eyes out here!