??? Info on Carla's ticket auction/raffle for 10/7 and 10/9

September 21, 2013 by jclawest2022

Carla had posted a blog on 9/4 about some kind of raffle to be held at Baja Peppers for tickets for the BBash 10/7 and 10/9. Has anyone heard any more info???

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It looks like a recent post in the blog said it was 4 pm. Sorry. All I did was cut and paste just to show the different events. I don't know anything else.

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So 5pm is the new time for the booze cruise? I remember seeing 4pm a few weeks ago.

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This is from Page 14 of the blogs.

Update from Carla!!!

Booze Cruise:

Oct 10th on the Cabo Escape @ 5:00 PM
$35.00 USD per person.
Advance payment can be made via paypal to adlncabo@hotmail.com

Beach Party:
Oct 12th at Tabasco’s beginning at noon and will run until 4pm.

Ticket auctions/raffles:

Carla is working on 2 auctions at Baja Peppers (Mar De Cortez) for tickets to the Oct 7th and 9th shows.

She will have 3 pairs of tickets to each show.

I will update with any additional info when it comes in.

Mas Tequila!!!