No Change

January 26, 2012 by Leon-Mike
No Change
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Hi Redheads,
did anybody know something about an hidden Track on the Chickenfoot III Album ? The Song is called "No Change" and it sounds really cool ! I found this song on Youtube. Please tell me some.

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I love this song!!!! I play it over & over. This song...It's true about the world we live in and about who does & doesn't care about us, Plus about past-present-future of liars & heros.

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Hi Red Rockers,
i found the answer of my question in Wikipedia. Here is the Songlist: 1. Last Temptation Hagar, Satriani
2. Alright Alright Chickenfoot
3. Different Devil Hagar, Satriani, Smith
4. Up Next Hagar, Satriani
5. Lighten Up Hagar, Satriani
6. Come Closer Hagar, Satriani
7. Three and a Half Letters Hagar, Satriani
8. Big Foot Hagar, Satriani
9. Dubai Blues Hagar, Satriani
10. Something Going Wrong Hagar, Satriani
11. No Change Chickenfoot (Bonus Track der Download-Version)
The 11. Song is "No Change" but only on the Download-Version. Did anybody know why ? I was lucky to found this Song by Youtube. Otherwhile I´ll never heard about this great Song.

Keep on rockin !

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Hi Mandy, I will be very happy when you accept my invite. How do you do ? I´m surching for the Song "No Change" on the CD, maybe as hidden Track, but there was nothing. It´s funny strange. Sad but true.

Rock on

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Hi Mike I got your invite I'll try to accept it. I bought the CD not LP but its not the Deluxe Edition.

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Thank you for your answer. But I had bought the Album (Special Edition/ 2 CDs + 2 DVDs + 3D Glasses and 3D Cards + Shirt). But this Song is not on the CD (Fuck). Maybe, because it´s an German Edition ? I don´t know.

Rock on

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Bummer. I bought my cd from iTunes. No 11 for me.

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The track is on the album song number 11 buy the album and its on there