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April 26, 2011 by laurielee

just finished "Red"... seriously could not put it down. i have loved Sammy for decades, but was always a DLR fan when it came to VH. well, pigs are flyin and hell is freezin over cause i am now an official REDHEAD. the book made me want to go get some Sammy music, so i got "the essential red collection" and "best of van halen"... Sammy you are a wonderful man and I want to thank you for sharing your life's story. You had a very hard childhood, but look how you turned out man!! God has really blessed you and your family. getting an all girl's trip together for CABO in october, hope to see you there. Your new redheaded fan, Laurie. [from texas. saw you @ Lakewood Theater in Dallas 2-3 years ago ---- MAN!!! COME BACK!!!]

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welcome to our redhead family laurie!

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LOL, you've SEEN the light Laurie!! Better late than never :) Welcome to our Redhead family...where you'll find some of the BEST people in the world!! Enjoy the ride!!