August 01, 2012 by LauraRocks13

A Lottery is process or thing whose success or outcome is governed by CHANCE.

With that being said, it was a game of Chance. gave us all fair warning that it was going to be this way.

One thing I would like to address is all the posts on this site and other social media sites in reference to his management causing all these problems and issues as well as saying Sammy is being greedy.

Red Rocker Sales only distributed the tickets by using the lotto system, just as they said they would. As for the people saying Sammy is being greedy. Wow, he gives a lot to charity and helps out many organizations. SO SAMMY and GREEDY should not be in the same sentence.

(The legal definition of Lottery is An offer in which prizes and high value items are awarded by random chance to participants who buy lottery tickets.)

Maybe if Sammy was a real greedy businessman, he could start charging more money. They could start selling lottery tickets just to register for his Birthday Bash lottery, and then if you were selected you would have to pay a 55 dollar ticket price as well. That could be greedy if he kept all the money and did not give any to charity.

Should Sammy or his management have to explain anything to anyone or answer questions as to why you were not selected in the lottery ?

I say NO, they already did the explaining when they released the process of the Birthday Bash tickets.

When you look at the numbers and the amount of people that try to get tickets to his birthday bash, It is really the luck of the draw. Whether it is done by lottery, by people buying tickets online that sell out in 2 mins, or sleeping on the streets. It all comes down to numbers. Only so many tickets are available each show. There are going to be people left without tickets.

Was the lottery fair? The answer to that question is Yes.

So if this is your first time to Cabo and you Got tickets Congratulations !!!! I can not tell you or explain what a great time it is !!! Really take it all in and Enjoy !!!

If you did not get tickets, There is always a next time. Keep trying never give up and remember to stop and enjoy life and always stay positive, don't let negativity or disappointment take over, put a smile on and be happy. Life is too short.

Just so you know I didn't get picked in the Lottery this year and was shut out last year on the online ticket sales. I have been to many shows and I am always thankful when I do get great tickets or whenever Karma comes my way.

Last year I went to Cabo with no tickets to any of the shows and I ended up seeing all 4 shows. I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people. We had some great times traveling this year and attending Chickenfoot shows. These people are part of my extended family and will always be apart of my life. I love Karma ;) Safe Travels to everyone headed to Cabo.

Always Stay positive !!!!!!
See Ya in Cabo ;) with or without tickets ;)

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Harleymomma08's picture

Thanks Laura - you are so right. It's all about good karma and staying positive. Please keep me in mind and I will see you in Vegas!

LauraRocks13's picture

Hi Norma !!!! I know Karma will be on our side ;) Staying Positive is the KEY !!!! Good luck and will see you in CABO and LAS VEGAS ;) SAFE TRAVELS ;) You Know we are all going to help each other as much as possible. I know someone right now, who may have 1 extra ticket for 2 different shows. I will let you know once we are in Cabo, if you need any of those days and those tickets do become available. But I wont know until we get to Cabo ;) I will send you a private message on FB ;)

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Great Job. We went last year with tickets for 1 show and saw 3 shows. There were so many Redheads with extra tickets. We just met them in line - paid them 55.00 and got an armband. I hope it will be that easy this year. We got shut out on all 4 shows

LauraRocks13's picture

It was definetly having a positive attitude, not complaining, following the rules and having good Karma and good people helping out. I had a Blast last year and I plan to have a blast this year too, With our without tickets. Wishing good positive vibes for others and Good Karma for everyone ;) Good Luck amd you just never know what can happen when you get to Cabo. Some people dont show up or have extra tickets, hang around the Cantina,talk to people and just have a good time ;)

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Thanks webster, at age 39 I now know what lottery means!

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I would like to know how you went with no tickets and ended up going to all 4 shows.

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:) Well written.

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Well said!!! My wife was fortunate enough to get tickets to two shows. I was shut out. It is unfortunate people have booked vacations did not get tickets. However I have vacationed several times in Cabo on non Birthday Bash weeks and enjoyed myself immensely. I believe the system is completely fair.