July 23 Oakland Sammy with Aerosmith

July 24, 2010 by lady51x50

Only thing to say about the concert..... Sammy kicked ass last night! It was all there... the energy, the music, the vocals... and that is why I love the man. I have seen Aerosmith many times and I have to say I was disappointed... Steven had no energy, and he seemed to be working hard vocally. We left early.....

If it wasn't for Sammy the show would have sucked and a total waste of money.

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Damn Lady can I come live with you LOL?

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Exactly the same reason my best friend wanted to go (Aerosmith was on her Concert Bucket List). Did you notice how the crowd was dancing when Sammy was performing. But when Steven was on stage the crowd just swayed back and forth (like you would in church) LOL :) Totally LOVED how Sammy had Satriani come out instead of Mikey (don't get me wrong, love Mikey, he is as down to earth as Sammy, and is a damn good hugger... it is just after years of it, it is not a surprise/special guest any longer). I was lucky enough to meet Joe back in 2002, he is a one of a kind guy. Another reason I love Sammy so much... he plays to the crowd, interacts, all the guys (Wabo's & Foot) do. Not to mention every show you see, you end up talking about for days...........

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Having Aerosmith open for Sammy.... that would be something that people would talk about for years! LOL The set list from the show made me love Sammy even more. After going to every local show (1, 2 or 3 nights in a row) it was becoming the same ol' songs, just in a different order. I loved how he covered all the stages of his career. Montrose, Solo, Van Halen, w/Wabos, Chickenfoot. Even if you weren't a fan, you had to know the lyrics to at least one of the songs. Prior to Sammy singing "I've Done Everything For You" he was telling the audience how Springfield told him his version did better cause he was better looking than Sammy... So when Sammy started singing.. well my best friend, not paying attention (she is going to kill me) turned to me and said "This is a Rick Springfield song, why is Sammy singing it". Anyway, Sammy looked fantastic, trim, rested,his voice was perfect, strong, he was "Above" his "A" game, like he was 42 again!! He worked the stage, played some guitar, worked the audience, and closed the show by shooting streamers into the crowd. Watching him I got the same feeling as I did the very first time I saw him back in the 80's.

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With the current ticket prices, going to a concert is now a "Special Event" instead of something fun to do on the weekend. For $40.00 more than what our tickets cost I could have bought an onstage ticket! Steven Tyler's performance was the same no matter what song he was singing (Walk to the end of the runway, bend over sing to the crowd, walk back, stand in front of fan, walk over to bass player, then guitar player, repeat. And throw in walking offstage for a minute or two.. for oxygen?? every other song) For that much excitement I could have watch a DVD and made my own drinks ($24.00 for 1 mixed drink and 1 shot). When Sammy was onstage people were dancing, going nuts. When Steven was onstage.. the crowd swayed back and forth. Total different energy. We left smiling.... we scored a few of the Cabo Wabo Posters they had up at the bar! There are videos of both Sammy and Steven posted on You Tube, check them out. Oh.. and get this... all the bartenders were wearing Cabo Wabo shirts! It wasn't said, didn't need to be.... Sammy Rocks!!

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What a way to kick off Aerosmith's tour! Hah! I have never seen Aerosmith live before, and seeing that Sammy was going to open for them and that they were going to play at easy-to-get-to Oakland arena gave me a push to go. I couldn't afford a floor seat, and was cool with sitting back in section 105. Sammy's gig was a helluva lot more fun than the headliner, setlist & all. It was great that he covered his career--and having Satch there added to the party.

Hope Sammy & the 'foot come on back here to play the Bay Area! I had a fantastic time in the front at their gig at The Greek in Bezerkley last year.

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I was gonna try to go to the Cinci concert since it's so much closer for me, but I'm glad I opted to fly to Cali for Chickenfoot instead after reading this. The Aerosmith tix were WAY more pricey for worse seats, and I'm not as big of a fan of them as I am of Sammy and the 'Foot anyhow.

Sux you had to leave early but at least you got to see the best part!!

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Thanks for your review. I'm glad to hear Sammy's set kicked ass. It's going to be tough for Aerosmith to follow him. I remember what he did to DLR back in 02. It wasn't pretty.
Anyway, I found the set list for last nights show. Looks good, just too short. Maybe, they could switch and let Sammy close:)

One Way to Rock
I Can't Drive 55
Why Can't This Be Love
Montrose suite:
-Space Station Number Five
-Rock Candy
-Bad Motor Scooter
Best of Both Worlds
I've Done Everything For You
Three Lock Box/Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog/Kashmir
Heavy Metal
Mass Tequila
Sexy Little Thing w/Joe Satriani