$600 for a week in Cabo. Studio with kichenette at Villa del Palmar. Gotta sell it! Oct 6-13 2012

July 28, 2012 by KymE

If you are looking for a great place to stay in Cabo for the birthday bash week, here is Please message me if you are interested in buying my studio. I booked a 2 bdr and my friends backed out. Now I need to sell the other room.....It is actually its own studio. TONS of Redheads staying at the Villa del Palmar. Thanks! Cabo Kym E

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The retail cost for this resort would be close to a grand but I really want to get this sold....first to mail me a check for the entire amount gets it. Thanks Redheads....the woman who booked it from me Saturday had some issues that caused her to have to back out....(not just cause she didn't get tickets...bless her heart)....please contact me if you need details!

Kym E

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HI there....first time huh? Cool...that is great. I had a lady book the timeshare Sat morning but back out today so it is back up for grabs. I am sorry I never got this message until today. If you go to expedia or hotels.com you will see it is a screaming deal. I don't think it has two bed but it does have a bed and a pull out couch. You can prob get a more comfy cot brought in. I have been to Cabo about 8 times but never stayed there.....if that works, message me back at kymeriden@Hotmail.com. THanks and congrats on the actual bday bash ticket!

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I might be interested. I got tickets for the 13th. First time, never been to Mexico ever. I'll be looking for a room with two seperate beds though. You can email me at jsallen09@verizon.net.