Cabo birthday bash?

March 24, 2014 by Ktmjonny

Is there a show in Cabo this October and do you have to buy tickets?

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You can pretty much count on Sammy doing the birthday bash each year. The tickets if handled like last year were a lottery type system. You put in for the days you want and your credit card will be charged when and if you get tickets. Tickets are for the person and guests only - to prevent scalpers. The day of the show you get a wrist band at cantina. The day of the shows you can also wait in line to get dinner tickets. Every REDHEAD needs to go at least once. I think it was August last year that the tickets lottery started but I am not for sure...someone else can maybe answer. Cabo is full of Sammy amd Wabo fans so even if you don't get tickets you will meet some great people.