This time tomorrow nite...YooHoo

August 04, 2010 by ktanton

We will be painting Cynthia Woods RED this time tomorrow nite baby!!!!...So cant wait...see all the Redheads in Houston at the pre-party!!!!

Katherine from A-Town

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No Tickets for me

August 02, 2010 by ktanton

Well I tried and tried for the 9th and the 13th - Thought I had it on the 13th and it would not check me out and then dumped me...damn I was sooo close...and the system hosed up on me...Glad I am get to see him in Houston on Thru nite but I know it won't be the same in Cabo if I can't see Sammy...

Very sad and disappointed in Austin TX

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Where is the Pre-Woodlands show party next week Redheads????

July 29, 2010 by ktanton

YooHoo...this time next week I will be in H-Town partying with the Redheads at the Pre-Woodlands show party!!! If somebody will tell me...Where the pre-party is????


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July 23, 2010 by ktanton

YeePee....we get to get tickets in advance....I am soo street sleeping for me...not that I would not have done it but hey...I do enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive with room service....Cabo here I come!!!! Thanks so mcuh Sammy for giving us Birthday Bash "rookies" a chance to get tickets....Your red rock MY world everyday!!!

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ChickenFoot in Corpus

July 21, 2010 by ktanton
I have been a Sammy Hagar fan my entire life - stemming all the way back to the Montrose days but NOW Chickenfoot has come about and it is on again... The talent in this band combined is unreal...My passion for Sammy's music and his projects which I have followed over the years has all returned... New to this site - did not know it existed...Had front row in Corpus (have fantastic pictures but can't seem to post them on the site- not sure why - help if you can..
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